VBD series DC Inverter Frequency Air Conditioner

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Technical Parameters

모델 :  VBD030, VBD060, VBD100, VBD150, VBD200

C의 ooling 용량 (W) :  300~2000

설치 :  유연하고 편리한 설치



1. Powered by -48VDC, more reliable

2. Efficient DC fan & Compressor, EER can go up to 4.0

3. DC inverter technology, operating according to heat load inside, lower noise and higher energy efficiency

4. Corrosion resistance and IP55 protection level

5. Using the large air volume and small enthalpy difference technology to avoid condensation

6. LCD display with English menu makes convenient operation

7. Low-voltage protection to avoid over discharge of batteries

8. Linkage function, intelligent control model according to the setting scene

9. Using R134a or R410A environment friendly refrigerant and RoHS requirement compliance

10. Soft start function in case of big current especially for multiple units turning on together

11. Providing multifunction alarm and status report through RS485 or TCP/IP(snmp) interface for remote control

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