• Cooling module for vending mechanism-new air conditioner has released

    The rapid development of Internet and artificial intelligence has changed people’s basic necessities of life, and vending machines have also been widely used on a large scale. In order to meet the needs of the new retail development, the company has specifically developed a cooling module f...
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  • What kind of air conditioner is best for industrial use

    What kind of air conditioner is best for industrial use The choice of industrial air conditioners is based on the needs of industrial production, and the air conditioning type is reasonably selected. For example, in the steelmaking workshop, high-temperature air-conditioning can be selected. Acco...
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  • The difference between industrial air conditioners and home air conditioners

    Industrial air conditioning refers to air conditioning equipment that provides environmental temperature, humidity, and cleanliness for the reliable operation of industrial products or industrial process equipment. For example, the constant temperature and humidity air conditioner used to ensure ...
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