Ac Powered Air Conditioner

Short Description:

Technical Parameters


1. Launched AC powered inverter air conditioner for special application, lower noise and higher energy efficiency

2. Corrosion resistance and IP55 protection level  

3. Using the large air volume and small enthalpy difference technology to avoid condensation

4. Optional DC power supply for fan & controller, 50/60Hz AC powered compressor can be used in anywhere

5. LCD display with English menu makes convenient operation 

6. Low-voltage protection to avoid over discharge of batteries

7. Using R134a environment friendly refrigerant and RoHS requirement compliance

8. Soft start function in case of big current especially for multiple units turning on together

9. Providing multifunction alarm and status report through RS485 or TCP/IP interface for remote control


Model: VAC030、VAC060、VAC100、VAC150、VAC200、VAC250、VAC300、VAC400、VAC500

Cooling capacity(W): 300~5000

Installation: flexible and convenient installation


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