DC Inverter Split Air Conditioner

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Product Description: DC inverter air conditioner is ideal for areas and regions lack/short of power, especially for remote telecom stations, base station shelters, containers, remote locations etc. Due to the latest advancement of the electronic control and power shifting technology, this DC inverter air conditioner will realize operating by 100% DC power. Embracing the 100% -48V DC Inverter Air Conditioners will reduce operating costs by up to 100% during the day and night due to ZERO consumption of utility power. Features: 1. All DC generating & operating = No inverter needed 2. DC -48V Power supply 3. High energy efficiency 4. VRF system=Variable capacity & Low noise 5. Eco- Friendly R410A refrigerant 6. Easy installation, no difference with civil a/ c installation 7. Automatic energy-saving operation at low-power mode 8. Low-voltage protection to avoid over discharge of batteries 9. Washable Filters 10. Designed based on the telecom industry standard which is much more rigorous 11. Linkage with free cooling on site, intelligent control according with inside temperature to realized energy saving 12. Working 24/7 providing continuous cooling air for equipment 13. Communication by RS485 with ModBus protocol 14. Remote switch ON/OFF via dry contact 15. Soft start function

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