Classification of intelligent thermostat

Many occasions in our life require very high temperature, and the human body’s feeling is definitely inaccurate, so the intelligent thermostat has been widely used in this regard. There are many types of smart thermostats, but the general functions are the same. Let us take a closer look.



Intelligent thermostat classification

1. Adopt microcomputer automatic intelligent imitation logic design, programmable timing/temperature selection;

2. With digital type, large LCD display screen, touch buttons make you easy to operate, you can set the date and time display;

3. Built-in six to nine programs, users can also program by themselves, users can choose the temperature of different time of the week according to their preferences;

4. Overheat protection: When the temperature of the heating equipment exceeds the preset overheat protection temperature, the thermostat automatically cuts off the power supply of the heating equipment;

5. Anti-frost function, can keep the temperature unchanged at 5℃;

6. With dual temperature control function.
Intelligent thermostat classification
1. Position control
Position control is to set the temperature at a fixed value, turn off the heater when the temperature is higher than the set value, and start the heater when the temperature is lower than the set value. Because of thermal inertia, the temperature is usually controlled by 10 degrees to tens of degrees. This type of thermostat has been gradually screened in accordance with technological development in the market. Many users have such a large difference in temperature control accuracy, usually choose this type of temperature controller. Our company no longer produces such thermostats.
2. Temperature control accuracy
The PID temperature control form is selected (all intelligent appearances of Tenghui support the PID temperature control form), which is related to the characteristics of the temperature controlled heater. In a relatively confined space, the temperature can usually be controlled at about 1 degree before the solid state relay is used. The thyristor voltage regulating module can control the temperature at plus or minus 0.1℃.
3. Current and voltage conditioning thermostat

This is a type of PID temperature control. This form is suitable for high-power temperature control. The usual form of PID is to adjust the on-off period of the heater, that is, the power supply time. Some forms are to adjust the current and voltage of the thermostat. Need to support the voltage regulation module. The voltage regulation module is a temperature control with built-in thyristor capable of regulating the size of current and voltage. The requirement clarifies that PID is a control method. It does not mean that the PID thermostat is to adjust the current and voltage. Only if the 4~20mA output thermostat can adjust the current and voltage.

The intelligent thermostat can automatically control the temperature, which saves us a lot of trouble, especially for some places that need a certain temperature, the intelligent thermostat is essential. Different types of thermostats operate in different ways, we must understand clearly when purchasing.


Post time: Jul-06-2020
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