Why clean air conditioners?

First, the working principle of the air conditioner:
The refrigerant is compressed into high temperature, high pressure superheated steam in the compressor and then cooled into the outdoor heat exchanger. The condensed refrigerant liquid enters the capillary tube for throttling and decompression, and the decompressed refrigerant liquid is completely vaporized into a low-pressure gas in the evaporator while absorbing heat from the outside. The low pressure gas passing through the evaporator is sucked back by the compressor and then compressed into high temperature, high pressure superheated steam.
Second, the classification of air conditioners:
According to the size of air conditioning equipment or appliances, it can be divided into large air conditioning equipment (for central air conditioning systems), medium air conditioning units (cabinet air conditioners) and small air conditioners (room air conditioners); according to the functions of air conditioning equipment can be divided into cold air Type (single-cooled), hot and cold type; according to the air conditioning equipment, the accuracy of air treatment can be divided into general comfort air conditioning (living air conditioning) and constant temperature and humidity air conditioning (computer room air conditioning, industrial air conditioning, etc.).
Third, the necessity of air conditioning cleaning:
In the eyes of health experts, air conditioners that are not regularly cleaned are extremely unsanitary: no sunlight is seen all year round, dark and damp, accumulating dust fibers, breeding germs, viruses, molds, and mites. It produces odor, causes air-conditioning disease, and causes rough skin. It is also one of the reasons for the rising incidence of asthma in children in recent years. At the same time, the blocked dirt affects air conditioning refrigeration and increases power consumption.
In the 1970s and 1980s, countries such as the United States and Japan successively enacted laws to force public places (hospitals, restaurants, etc.) to clean air conditioners on a regular basis, otherwise it would be illegal! The image of patients with pulmonary sputum has always been fixed as a poor person who is overworked and lacks nutrition. In the fourth survey of tuberculosis epidemiology in Guangzhou, Guangzhou found that a comfortable living environment would also become an accomplice to tuberculosis. The already weak tuberculosis is making a comeback with the new conditions of modern life.

Post time: Dec-20-2018
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