VUC series Customized Cabinet

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Technical Parameters


Size: Customized

Please contact us for specific customization requirements, and we will provide  professional services for you!


Product Description:

The cabinet is applicable for installation of transmission & telecommunication equipment, power supply, monitoring, battery and other ancillary equipment, adapting all kinds of outdoor environment such as road, railway, park, roof and mountain and providing reliable environmental protection for inside equipment.



1. Material: Using superior hot galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel with strict surface treatment, adopting automatic coating production line and accurate painting technology to ensure good resistance to wind, sand, rain, sun and salt environment.

2. Structure: Single or multi compartment can be customized according with customer’s requirements, meeting different equipment installation.

3. Integration: Outdoor cabinet is applicable for installation of transmission equipment, telecommunication equipment, power supply equipment, monitoring equipment, batteries and other ancillary equipment

4. Heat dissipation components: Air conditioner, TEC, Heat exchanger, Free cooling(dustproof design as optional)

5. Power supply: AC or DC

6. Ingress Protection: ≥IP55

7. Security: Using three-point lock and 1 additional padlock, the cabinet is not exposed removable fasteners, good anti-theft performance

8. Monitoring: Provide multifunction alarm output, and status report through RS485 interface for remote control

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